What to do during this quarantine to take advantage of your time?

What to do during this quarantine to take advantage of your time?

In Panama we have already been in quarantine for more than 4 months and mobility restrictions keep us, basically, kidnapped from our homes due to the pandemic that we are experiencing. Workers, high school students, and college students now stay home and probably, like me, have already fixed the leaky sink, painted the room, or rearranged their collection of Jim Carrey movies. However, between that and teleworking or virtual classes we have a lot of free time. But what can we really do productive during this time? How about we review some ideas.

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Imagine being able to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Picasso Museum in Malaga, or take a tour of the pyramids of Egypt. Well, take advantage of this quarantine time to visit these sites in virtual tours thanks to the internet and technology. Here are some links that can be the starting point for your trip. 36 virtual tours of museums and incredible places around the world or this other Museums with virtual visits to discover without leaving home. Tell us what you think of these places. Incredible right?

You could also watch videos, but video that influence your life and sometimes we need a little inspiration. Sometimes we need that push, it makes us overcome the fear of changing jobs, studying a career or starting a new business. You think you have an idea to write a book or a revolutionary business idea or that you would like to teach at Hosanna University, but you don’t dare. Surely in this quarantine you saw your teacher give virtual classes and you thought that you would do better. We leave you some links to video pages that can serve as inspiration to take that step. TED in Spanish or The best of TEDx in Spanish or 20 films based on relevant historical figures or this one for education students 10 essential films for teachers and students of Education.

Have you already ordered the books in the corner? Ohh Lazarillo de Tormes’s life has fallen. You’ve read it many years ago, when you were in high school. This would be a good time to review and reread these books and novels. Reading is another activity that will help you use your time effectively. In addition, you are not tied to the books on the shelf, but with the internet you have access to the largest libraries in the world and free access. Also, you can download countless free books to read on your cell phone or laptop. These are the 15 digital libraries that we should know or this free book download website www.biblioteca.org.ar and don’t forget to take care of your sight with these tips that we leave you on how to read eBooks and get less tired.

biblioteca virtual

Another thing that you can start to do during these quarantine days, if you are not doing it, is to take extra courses apart from the university. And as I see it, it is essential to constantly improve yourself and take every opportunity to grow. Improve a skill or learn a new one either for your job, as a hobby or even to start a new project. Learn English, cooking, Photoshop or baking; there are tons of free and paid options. We are going to review some such as Domestika, where you can find courses in marketing, illustration, design, photography, among others. Also the Linkedin courses that are mainly for networking, human resources, job search and more. Finally, a very, very broad course platform that is even endorsed by INADEH is Aprende.org. This platform offers courses for everyone, from masonry courses to computer technicians and It is completely free.

aprende online

I think that with these ideas you can start to make the best of your time during these days. We are sure that we will get out of this soon, but in the meantime, let’s make the sacrifice we are making worthwhile. Also remember to share time with your family, play with your children, make video calls to your loved ones, exercise and give your best every day.

If these tips were useful to you, you want other ideas or you want to share some advice with us, leave your comment in the comments.

Author: Malloy Ruiz

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